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CHAENG ball mill girth gear got highly praise from Qingdao customers

23 Oct 2017 UTC+8Views:

Diameter: 6m
Material: GS34CrMo
Unit weight: 19T
Modulus: 30

CHAENG ball mill girth gear
CHAENG ball mill girth gear

CHAENG made a few process innovations base on girth gear working environment, to ensure the processing accuracy location accuracy, and perfect match with the host equipment operation. After practical usage, Qingdao customers gave us comments that: it is very pleased that our old ball mill operates as well as ever after being installed the CHAENG girth gear. CHAENG is an absolutely good choice!

“match well with equipment” “equipment runs as well as ever” are the requirement to CHAENG from customers, and is the commitment of CHAENG to customers. "Carefully designed, carefully cast" concept, throughout the large ring gear process design, modeling, pouring, heat treatment and machining, ensures that each large ring gear can be efficient and durable with the equipment to meet customer use demand.

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