Drop forging hammer anvil


Anvil is a forging hammer blow bearing surface, is to withstand the hammer force of the important parts, the structure is relatively simple, are simple thick cast steel. Forging hammers due to its particularly harsh working conditions, the largest force on the part - the anvil will be subject to frequent impact and overload, especially in the final forging, the overload situation is more serious, anvil prone to early damage.

ApplicationForging industry
CustomizableYes, based on user's drawings
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Processing advantages

1. CHAENG uses high-strength steel, unique heat treatment technologies and water glass sand casting process, to ensure strength and hardness of anvil block, and also reduce single anvil weight so as to effectively reduce the weight of the press.

2. CHAENG has a group of technical experts hired from the well-known foundry enterprises, responsible for the company's technology, process, management and other work, to establish a scientific and perfect management system of technology, production and operation, so as to effectively ensure the customer requirements of the product quality and delivery time.


Base on the requirements of customers, CHAENG selects appropriate wooden mold for modeling design, and uses CAE software to simulate the casting process. Strictly according to the process procedures to produce high-quality forging hammer anvil block: wood mold - modelling - pouring - heat preservation - out of the pit, sand cleaning - heat treatment - roughing, finishing - packing and delivery.

hammer anvil


In the picture, a piece of 132-ton anvil block is successfully delivered. It is manufactured by CHAENG for the leading enterprise in the Chinese forging industry - Henan famous forging and pressing company.

anvil block supply die forging hammer

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