Kiln support roller


CHAENG owns a large casting base in northern Henan Province and has rich experience in casting parts for kilns and mills. We can provide high-quality support rollers for rotary kilns, rotary dryers, granulators and so on according to customer drawings and personalized requirements to match well with the equipment.

Weight1-42 Tons
MaterialZG55, ZG42CrMo
ApplicationCement, metallurgy, chemical, construction industries
CustomizableYes, based on user's drawings
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Processing advantages

CHAENG rotary kiln support roller has the following remarkable advantages:

1. Use high-quality steel materials with high tensile strength and good impact toughness, which greatly ensures the quality of support roller. So that CHAENG kiln support roller has the advantages of large load carrying capacity and good continuous operation performance.

2. By normalizing and tempering process, the surface hardness of the outer circle of the support roller is higher than 200HB, which ensures the quality of the rotary kiln support roller device.

3. CHAENG has established scientific and complete systems of technology, production, and operation management to ensure the product quality and delivery time required by customers.

4. Quality assurance

The fabrication route is governed by the provisions of the implemented Quality System ISO 9001:2015.

The standard documentation ensures the full traceability of every process step, including heat treatment, chemical composition test, mechanical properties test, non-destructive test, and dimensional check.


rotary kiln support roller manufacturing process

The first step: Simulation and modeling

Before casting, numerically simulate the casting process by CAE software to analyze the molding process, predict and optimize the product quality.

The second step: pouring and heat treatment

Sample hot metal and perform the spectral analysis. After qualification, start pouring according to the principle of "low temperature and quick casting", and the pouring time and temperature shall be recorded.

The third step: polishing and flaw detection

CHAENG uses advanced detection equipment for non-destructive testing to ensure the internal quality of supporting roller, strictly stop any defective goods from leaving the factory. CHAENG steel castings can meet level-two flaw detection standards.


CHAENG rotary kiln support rollers are used in many cement production lines in China, for example: 5000TPD cement rotary kiln of Henan Meng Electric Cement Factory.

 rotary kiln support roller support roller for kiln

kiln support roller supplier kiln support roller

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