Great Wall steel nodes are used in Xinjiang stadium construction


Product Name: Large cast steel node

Product Material: ZG20Mn5

Weight: 5 tons

Application Engineering: Karamay Regional Digital Network Control Center

Purchasing time: 2011

As the Karamay in China's Xinjiang region, but also China's snow-prone areas, therefore, in the Xinjiang region of steel structures are required to withstand the earthquake, snow and large temperature capacity. As the core component of steel structure - the cast steel node should have a good mechanical properties, to ensure the stability of the entire steel structure.

The Great Wall steel cast develop a viable technical solutions for the Karamay regional digital network control center supporting the cast steel node, finally,the products of the Great Wall steel cast also reached the expected results of the partners, to a certain extent, the Great Wall steel node Improve the reliability of the steel structure and stability.


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