Cast Steel Node

Weight : 1-150t

Material : ZG20Mn5

Application: long span pipe truss steel structure

Customizable : Yes

Cast steel node,also called cast steel Joint or Steel support node,now is widely used in large span space pipe truss of steel structure due to its excellent properties of easy machining and complex various construction forms. It owns the unique advantage, especially in the construction of many complex joint parts. Nowadays, cast node is widely applied in the railway stations, high-speed railway stations, airport buildings and stadiums construction.


1.Cast steel nodes made by us uses the technic of particular heat treatment, which makes its structure optimized, its hardness improved, its wear-resistant and anti-impacting enhanced.

2.The place where steel pipes get together is molded directly, which makes the steel frame load more reasonable, the overall frame more stable, overcoming the harmful impact to overall frame due to the stress caused by centralized weld.

Our main material for cast steel nodes is similar to followings:

standard specification-cast steel node.jpg 

Quality Assurance:

The fabrication route is governed by the provisions of the implemented Quality System ISO 9001: 2000. The standard documentation ensures the full traceability of every process step:

• Manufacturer test certificates according to DIN EN 10.204 § 3.1 including chemical composition, mechanical properties and non-destructive examination;

• Dimensional check supported with a “as-built“ sketch;

• Record of the heat treatment chart

Our service:

  • Prompt response in 24h after your inquiry
  • Several years high-precision processing experience

OEM service:

  • Advanced management ability with high technology
  • Strictly quality control
  • We design the production according to your drawing when you supply the design drawing.

 Casting Steel Node Manufacturing Process:

1. Wooden pattern Production

2. Molding

3. Pouring

4. First cleaning

5. Heat treatment – grinding (inspection)

6. Rough machining (inspection)-finishing machining (inspection)

7. Packing-delivering



  • The second-phase project of Xinzheng International Airport customizing our 20t cast steel node for airport Steel Connections.
  • Fuzhou Olympic Sport Center customizing our 26t cast steel node for Stadium Steel Connections.



  • Large-span structural steel of pipe truss
  • Airport Steel Connections
  • Stadium Steel Connections
  • House Building with steel Connections
  • Warehouse Steel offer