Great Wall cast steel cast five slag pot sent to Germany

Resently,Great Wall cast steel cast five slag pot sent to Germany

Great Wall steel cast advanced casting technology cast a slag pot of professional-quality, perfect service to win the praise of the market. Great Wall steel cast slag pot has been successfully exported to the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, Korea, the Netherlands, Canada, more than 50 countries and regions.


Slag pot casting process:



Except the supply of the forgings for trunnions and the engineering of the pattern, all further operations

are carried-out at the in-house foundry plant.


the castings are manufactured in a workman-like manner as required in the China standard DIN EN

1599-1: August 1997, ruling the delivery conditions ofcastings. The moulding is individually carried

out within a modular flask by using a sand preparation based on resin bonding.


the trunnions - when any - are preferably cast-in:they are as a rule manufactured from the steel

material S355 J2G3 to DIN EN 10250-2: December1999 and forged as per DIN 7527 February 1975.

Cast-on or hot-fitted trunnions can be also provided.


the melting is carried out in the oxygen steel plant ( 2 off 180 t BOF converters ); the ladle capacity

allows a continuous bottom pouring process the speed of which is permanently controlled. The metal

analysis is checked by using a computer linked spectrograph.

Heavy Fabrication Division

4、Heat treatment

every pot undergoes a combined quality heat treatment (annealing) aiming both to grain refining and

to stress relieving i.e.:

- heating to a temperature above AR3, austenitising at about 915°C and controlled cooling in furnace

- intermediate holding at 600°C - 630°C and completion of cooling in furnace down to 300°C

5、Fettling and dressing

The inner surface is processed fit-for-purpose so that the surface discontinuities - which might cause

some sticking of the slag - are extensively removed. Additionally, the castings are descaled by shotblasting and the outside is additionally coated for transportation.

The surface quality results from the comprehensive practice of the manufacturer qualified by the

requirements of MSS SP-55-1996 (Visual Method for Evaluation of Surface Irregularities).

Perfect Service


Great Wall Cast Steel has advanced casting equipment, strictly abide by the national standard 2 testing standards, 360 ° nondestructive testing system, and ultimately ensure the quality of steel castings reliable, long use.

2、Delivery time is short

Great Wall cast steel has a strong technical team, detailed production scheduling, a wide range of raw materials purchase channels, improve the logistics delivery system, determined to create the shortest delivery time.

3、Intentions service

24h rapid response, 365 days escort


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