Why choose us

01 Powerful casting ability

CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) is the largest steel casting and processing enterprises in Henan Province. CHAENG not only introduces the latest foundry equipment and technology from overseas, but also hire top talent people as senior managers and technical backbone. At present, CHANEG can provide a series of service, from blank casting to final production, and key parts to full set of solutions.

02 Plenty of actual cases

CHAENG has accumulated a wealth of experiences and cases in steel casting. Moreover, cooperating with top-class vertical mill manufacturers means our good strength and excellent quality, such as Denmark Smith, India Tata Group, Shanghai Bao steel, etc.

Today, CHANEG steel castings have won the unanimous approval of customers and exported to many countries overseas.

03 Excellent quality

1.Design and develop the process plan according to different customer’s drawings and demands.

2.Strictly monitor each casting link.

3.The strict 360 degrees of non-destructive testing are used for eliminating all the defective product.

4.Advanced technology and meticulous casting process ensure the casting quality, and saved 2-3 months’ maintenance time comparing with other companies.

Processing capacity

  • Processing equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Technological process
  • Natural Gas Heat Treatment Furnace
    30t Electric Arc Furnace
    9600m2 Molding Workshop
    4 pieces of Casting Ladle Casting Together
    Shot Blasting Workshop
    Sand Supplying System
  • OBLF direct detect spectrometer
    Universal Strength Testing Machine
    Electric Vibrating Sieving Machine
    Carbon and sulfur rapid analyzer
    Intecast CAE Software
    Hammer Type sampling machine

Main products

  • Name:Girth Gear


    Weight:10~35 T

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  • Name:Slag Pot

    Material:ZG230-450 etc.

    Weight:10~85 T

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  • Name:body/case


    Weight:10~50 T

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  • Name:Rotary kiln tyre

    Material: ASTM: 1045 / DIN: CK45

    Weight : 5-80 t

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Customer cases

  • Cement industry
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Machinery
  • Cement industry

    Product:Girth Gear

    Company Name:Cement Plant in Jiangsu

    Date:From the year 2010 till now

    Customer comments:

    Cooperation with CHAENG is impressive. The product delivery time is short, quality is reliable with long service life. It is our most reliable partner.

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  • Metallurgical Industry

    Cooperative product:Slag pot

    Company Name:MITTAL

    Date:From 2008 till now

    Customer comments:

    CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Cast Steel Co., Ltd.) has been providing slag pots and other vital parts for many years. The company is strong with good reputation and high production quality, and never seen returning situations. We will continue to work with Great Wall.

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  • Machinery

    Cooperative product:vertical mill grinding roller

    Date:From 2009 till now

    Customer comments:

    The wear rollers are reliable, and has high wear resistance. New production technology, quick and active feedback, and upgrading service level give the demonstration of foundry industry in China. They are our strategic partner.

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Customer service

1. Project design

(1) Proposals for steel castings according to requirements of customer’s drawings;

(2) Design and manufacture the parts according to customer's special requirements;

2. During-sale service

(1) Respect for each of customer's views to facilitate goal of win-win transaction;

(2) Immediate feedback to customers about progress of contract, to ensure the smooth delivery of steel products;

(3) To assist the customer in the development of production processes.

3. After-sale service

(1) One year’s warranty period for spare part. Quality-caused problems are free for maintenance within one year;

(2) The customers are free to call us anytime during operation process

(3) CHAENG has been providing customers wide with range of steel castings and processing services for many years. As long as you supply the drawings, we can produce accordingly for you.

About us

CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Steel Casting Co., Ltd) is located at National Sustainable Development Experience Area, Mengzhuang Town, Huixian City, Henan Province.

CHAENG has a rich experience and advanced technology development, introducing from Germany OBLF company the GS1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer, high-speed carbon and sulfur analyzer, the three elements of the high-speed computer analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multi-purpose magnetic detectors and other physical and chemical testing facilities, leveraged universal strength testing machine, hammer system prototype and other tensile testing equipment. Using CAE software for digital simulation in the casting process.

China, supplies 1-150 tons Steel Castings customized services according to your drawing, for example, cement plant parts, vertical mill spare parts, ball mill spare parts, rolling machine spare parts, rotary kiln spare parts, cast steel building nodes, slag pot, etc.. Our castings are very popular both in domestic and abroad,which has been exported to 25 countries,for example,Japan, Korea, Russia,Italy,Turkey,etc. CHAENG has many years' experience in manufacturing.

AddressMengzhuang Town,Huixian City,Henan Province, China

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