CHAENG 132-ton cast steel anvil block for die forging press

20 Nov 2020 UTC+8 Views:

CHAENG 132 tons of large anvil for die forging press

cast steel anvil for die forging hammer 

The pouring process of the 132 tons of large anvil used four-ladle-pour technology, and the actual smelting of molten steel amounted to 165 tons. In order to ensure product quality, CHAENG technical staff for each process are carefully planned, scientific organizations. After the upper and lower co-operation, careful operation, an effective solution to the casting anvil casting process in the various problems, to achieve the tapping, casting time and the best match the temperature of molten steel, from the overall guarantee of a large cast steel anvil Block quality.


The future, CHAENG products will continue to sharpen the market in the quality of future success adhere to the beginning of the heart, in the casting field, for more partners to cast high-quality high-end steel casting products for the development of China's casting industry contribute my effort.