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There are many slag pot manufacturers, and you can also make multiple comparisons in the market to select your favorite manufacturers. China is also a large casting country, and it has reached more than 30,000 founding enterprises. A large number of energy consumption, consumption of higher vocational colleges, environmental pollution problems and relatively low-cost labor have become the labels of the foundry industry. Whenever someone mentions the foundry industry, the first thing that comes to mind is these problems. The Great Wall cast steel uses green technology, new equipment and processes to improve the quality and technology content of the products, and also reduce the waste sand emissions. Quantity, reducing energy consumption.

green casting slag pot manufacturer CHAENG

CHAENG is a professional slag pot manufacturer. It not only adopts new technology in production technology, but also produces slag pots with impact resistance, high temperature resistance, extreme cold and extreme heat, etc. What is it? This also needs to be described from the application of slag pots.

casting slag pot - CHAENG

In the process of using the slag pot, it is necessary to directly contact the steel slag, and the temperature of the steel slag after high temperature baking is directly increased. If it is abnormal, the molten steel will be leaked.

The slag pot's bearing capacity is generally the weight of the slag pot and the weight of the steel slag. When the steel is leaking, the bearing capacity will increase sharply. If it is bonded to the slag pot when running steel, it will need to be beaten and cause destructive behavior; the residual strength of the casting will receive extremely cold and extremely hot, which will lead to cracks on the wall, and the residual force is The wall thickness of the slag pot is not uniform, so the phase difference will be relatively large, and thermal stress will occur during the cold process. Therefore, in the process of use, it is necessary to strictly control the materials, stress prevention and the like.