Various types of vertical mill grinding roller assembly

09 Nov 2020 UTC+8 Views:

The vertical mill grinding roller is an important part of the vertical roller mill. It is mainly used to grind materials into powder.

There are many types of grinding rollers. The more common vertical grinding rollers can be classified into three types according to the structure: cone grinding roller, tire roller, and cylindrical grinding roller.

CHAENG can provide customized service according to customers’ different processing requirements. Besides, it provides finished product manufacturing service for grinding roller including casting, finished machining, etc. We gained a good reputation from customers.

vertical mill grinding roller

vertical roller mill grinding roller

CHAENG vertical mill roller tire

Advantages of CHAENG grinding rollers:

1. Grinding rollers produced by CHAENG have features of high hardness, good anti-cracking, and strong wear-resistant capability.

2. During grinding roller production, technicians carry out finishing processing with arc air gouging, which can guarantee the outlook quality of steel castings.

3. We promise that all the grinding rollers shall be NDT inspected on the stress surface through routing testing methods to ensure that each grinding roller is qualified before leaving our factory. Any sub-standard product is forbidden to leave the factory.