Cast steel slag pot performance

06 Nov 2020 UTC+8 Views:

The metallurgical slag pot is one of the auxiliary equipment in the metallurgical industry, and is used for high-temperature slag produced in steel and iron making process.

Xinxiang Great Wall Casting focuses on the custom processing of cast steel slag pots, and has many years of experience in providing large cast steel slag tanks for metallurgical steel companies.

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What are the performance characteristics of cast steel slag pots?

1. The tensile strength of the cast steel slag pot is greater than 400mpa, with high strength and impact resistance.

2. The cast steel slag pot has good plasticity, heat resistance and fatigue resistance, and is not prone to crack and deform in the face of extreme cold and extreme heat.

3. The material of the cast steel slag pot is not prone to cracks, and welding can be carried out if it appears.