CHAENG strictly controls the quality of steel castings

15 Jun 2020 UTC+8 Views:

CHAENG is a professional manufacturer of steel castings. It is mainly engaged in the production of large steel castings in mining machinery, such as ball mill trunnion, rotary kiln tyre, grinding rollers of vertical mills, slag pots, etc. We already have thousands of casting parts processing experience, and our products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad.

vertical mill grinding roller

Vertical mill grinding roller

rotary kiln tyre steel casting

Rotary kiln tyre

CHAENG pays special attention to quality issues. From the selection of suitable materials to the casting process to the delivery of products, the operators of each process must strictly abide by the established specifications. The high-end casting equipment, perfect production technology, and experienced casting technical team guarantee the high quality of the steel castings.

When the customer places an order with us, the technical team will first check the drawings provided by the user to determine the processing requirements. And we will first formulate a complete set of processing plan, and use the computer to simulate the casting process to ensure that high-quality products are produced for customers.

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