How CHAENG guarantees high quality slag pot

17 Jun 2020 UTC+8 Views:

The slag pot is a necessary in the metallurgical steel plant. It needs to be produced through dozens of processes, and each process will affect the quality of the slag pot.

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steel casting slag pot

1.Optimization of pouring process: Special treatment is needed for special locations. Before casting, CHAENG digitally simulates the casting process through software CAE to analyze forming process and predict the quality, and continuously optimize the casting process of the slag pot.

2. CHAENG has a professional polishing and finishing team, as well as large-scale shot blasting equipment, which can effectively improve the appearance quality of the slag pot and make the surface of the slag pot smooth to meet customer needs. 

3. The needs of customers have always been our pursuit, so in order to provide customers with better products, in terms of management, CHAENG requires employees to strictly implement process operation specifications to improve employees' ability to execute related processes.

The slag pots and ladles processed by CHAENG are all brilliant in the domestic and foreign markets, and are also recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers. The final reason is because every process is meticulously crafted by CHAENG to produce high-quality products.

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