Do you know the types of rollers in vertical mills?

03 Jun 2020 UTC+8 Views:

The grinding roller is an important grinding component of the vertical mill. The main purpose is to grind materials. Generally, 3-6 grinding rollers are configured according to the different production capacity of the vertical mill. There are many types of vertical mill grinding rollers. According to the structure characteristics, the grinding rollers can be divided into cylindrical grinding rollers, conical grinding rollers and tire inclined rollers.

Cylindrical grinding roller

Cylindrical grinding rollers are often used with flat grinding tables. It is characterized by compact structural design, less space occupation, basically no noise, and easy installation.

Conical grinding rollers

Conical grinding rollers are also often used together with flat grinding tables. Its characteristics are fast running speed, high pressure, small size, light grinding roller weight, and easy maintenance.

Tire inclined roller

Tire inclined rollers are often used in combination with ring groove grinding tables. It is characterized by a larger diameter, which are in close contact with ring groove grinding table. The contact area of the grinding roller and the material is large, the grinding amount is large, and the output is high and stable. It can also be used upside down, with less wear and a longer service life.

CHAENG mainly manufactures grinding rollers made of cast steel with a unit weight of more than 1 ton, suitable for types of vertical mills such as coal vertical mills, and slag vertical mills, vertical cement mills,  raw mills, etc. CHAENG grinding rollers have low wear during operation, maintenance and replacement works are greatly reduced, and service life is longer.

grinding roller in vertical mill

vertical mill grinding roller