What are the advantages of CHAENG casting slag ladle

09 Jun 2020 UTC+8 Views:

As a professional slag ladle manufacturing factory in China, CHAENG has more than 50 types of slag ladle.


slag pouring ladle

In terms of technology, CHAENG uses computer simulation technology to simulate the whole casting process before each slag ladle casting, and to carry out process analysis and quality prediction on the slag ladle forming process. At last, 360° NDT will be carried out on the slag ladle to ensure the quality of the slag ladle. 

CHAENG owns heat treatment furnaces of 7m*12m and 5m*7m for heat treatment process to eliminate the casting defects and improve the mechanical properties of slag ladles.

In terms of material selection, CHAENG is made of high-quality ZG230-450 /GS-16Mn5 /BS3100 B2 and so on. The slag ladle made of such materials has the characteristics of good plasticity and high melting point.

It has been proved by practice that the first maintenance time of CHAENG slag ladles is 2-3 months later than that of the same product when it is used reasonably.