Tube mill girth gear manufacturing

01 Jun 2020 UTC+8 Views:

The tube mill girth gear is a key component supporting the transmission of the mill barrel, and is widely used in various types and specifications of mills. Normally, the girth gear is made of ZG45, ZG42crmo and other special girth gear steel, which is widely used in various industries such as building materials and cement.

tube mill girth gear

As a professional steel casting manufacturer, the girth gear is one of the star products of CHAENG. 

1. Adopt special heat treatment technology to improve the structure optimization, the hardness, and enhance the wear-resistant and anti-impacting performances.

2. Adopts high strength steel materials.

3. Optimize girth gear based on the operation characteristics of the rotary kiln and ball mill, to ensure the stability of the girth gear during the long time operation and extend its service life.

4. CHAENG has large production capability in steel castings, so we can provide girth gear with short cast period and large amount.

CHAENG has advanced casting equipment and advanced casting technology. The main parts of the tube mill processed by CHAENG are: tube mill girth gear, bearing seat, end cover of ball mill, etc. CHAENG has rich experience in steel casting parts of ball mill, with sophisticated material selection, long service life, and easy assembly. At the same time, CHAENG's girth gear and other cast steel parts have fair and reasonable prices, which is the choice of many customers.