Advantages of slag pots manufactured by CHAENG

29 May 2020 UTC+8 Views:

As a domestic professional slag processing and casting manufacturer, CHAENG has more than 50 types of slag pots, basically covering the types of slag pots commonly used in the market.

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In terms of process, CHAENG uses computer simulation technology to perform digital simulation of the entire casting process before each slag pot is cast, performs process analysis and quality prediction on the slag pot forming process, and finally performs 360° on the slag pot Non-destructive testing to ensure the quality of the slag pot.

In terms of material selection, CHAENG uses high-quality materials such as ZG230-450 / GS-16Mn5 / BS3100 B2. The slag pot cast by such materials has the characteristics of good plasticity and high melting point. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the slag pot, CHAENG added a certain amount of alloying elements in the molten steel, thereby improving its strength, reducing the deformation of the product during use, preventing the phenomenon of overall slag pot cracking, and increasing the number of uses.

CHAENG adopts high quality material, and optimizes the casting process according to actual operating conditions. With strong thermomechanical properties and good thermal crack resistance, the first maintenance time of

CHAENG slag pots can be 2-3 months later than the peers.

CHAENG has long-term cooperation with many world well-known steel companies like Baosteel, Mittal, TaTa, etc. Since 2008, Mittal Group has ordered slag pots from CHAENG every year, and the order quantity exceeded 100 pieces per year for several years.