Why CHAENG? - the professional rotary kiln rolling ring manufacturer

07 Dec 2019 UTC+8 Views:

CHAENG's extensive experience and production strength in rotary kiln spare parts have won the trust of our customers. The rotary kiln rolling mill (rotary kiln tyre) is the key component which supports the full gravity of rotary kiln (including kiln bricks and materials). The rotary kiln rolling ring made by CHAENG has sufficient strength, durability amd rigidity.

rotary kiln rolling ring rotary kiln tyre

How CHAENG to ensure the quality of the rotary kiln rolling ring?

1. CHAENG uses ZG45 and ZG42CrMO material, which can guarantee the strength and toughness of rotary kiln tyre, so as to play a better supporting role.

2.Advanced casting equipment

2 sets of 60T basic electric arc furnace, smelting steel with once 140T;7M *12M and 5M*7M 2sets natural gas heat treatment furnace;22 sets of hoisting equipment, Max. lifting capacity is 150 tons; Maximum elevating capacity is 150 tons; The company is equipped with gas stations, oxygen station, carbon dioxide station, air compression station etc; It adopts the sodium silicate sand molding process, and adopts the CAE casting simulation software to shorten the trial-produce period and improve the quality of products.

sand steel casting

3. CHAENG has a professional processing team, a meticulous production plan, high-quality raw material purchase channels, a complete logistics system. Able to complete the customer's requirements within the shortest delivery time.