Why are the CHAENG slag pots so trusted by customers?

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Metallurgical slag pots are mainly used to contain high-temperature molten slag produced by iron and steel smelting process. CHAENG summarizes and optimizes the disadvantages of traditional processes and makes great innovation in production, so as to shorten the production period, improves the performance of slag pots, and extends the service life of slag pots.

After years of development, as of now, CHAENG has manufactured more than 1,000 pieces of slag pots, and our market has also been continuously expanding. We have successfully exported slag pots to more than 60 countries and regions including the United States, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, and Russia . Why are our slag pots so trusted by customers?

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We have a professional technical team, which is responsible for the company's technology, technology, management and operation. We have successfully established a complete technology and operation management system, which can effectively guarantee the product quality and delivery date of customers.

CHAENG has two 60-ton alkaline electric arc furnaces, and four large-scale hot air heat treatment furnaces. Before processing, computer software will be used to simulate the processing process, which can timely find out the problems and formulate preventive measures to prevent related problems. And we use arc gouging and shot blasting to guarantee the appearance quality of the slag pots and strengthen the paint adhesion. 

Cooperating with each other for many years, the various departments of the company have reached a tacit understanding. With more than 500 sets of advanced processing equipment and experienced technical team, it has laid a solid foundation for producing high-quality products. 

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