The 2019 issuance ceremony of CHAENG Education Fund was held

02 Sep 2019 UTC+8 Views:

The CHAENG Education Fund's 2019 issuance ceremony was held in Huixian Teacher Training School. More than 90 people including award-winning students and teacher representatives and school presidents of Huixian City attended the award ceremony.


In 2018, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of CHAENG, in order to promote the healthy and rapid development of the education industry in Huixian City, the CHAENG Education Fund was established with a capital of 5 million yuan. This year, as always, we will reward outstanding teachers and students in Huixian City.

On the 2019 issuance ceremony of CHAENG Education Fund, the students admitted to Tsinghua University and their teachers are awarded 50,000 yuan each. And the top ten students in the college entrance examination and their teachers, the students admitted to “985” and “211” universities and their teachers are also awarded.


For many years, CHAENG has been adhering to the philosophy of “returning the society and returning to the hometown”. While doing a good job of promoting its own development and promoting local economic development, it has actively participated in public welfare undertakings. The reward of the CHAENG Education Fund is the encouragement of all teachers and students. Hope the teachers and the students who receive donations turn social love into motivation for work and study, and return the concerns of society with practical actions.