Vertical roller mill grinding table, the star product of CHAENG

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CHAENG has advanced casting technology and strong production strength. It can provide customers with customized processing services for vertical roller mill grinding table. CHAENG uses superior carbon steel and silicon-manganese steel to produce the grinding table with strong wear-resistant and longer service life. At present, the vertical roller mill grinding tables produced by CHAENG are sold to Henan, Hebei, Liaoning, Dalian and Anhui, and also have a large international market. 

vertical roller mill grinding table

The grinding table is one of the key components of the vertical mill. It is mainly composed of the retainer ring, the lining plate and the base. CHAENG optimizes the design of the grinding table casting process to make the base of the grinding table evenly stressed, increase the bite angle between the grinding roller and the grinding table, so as to avoid the erosion of the non-wear surface of the table.

CHAENG customizes the casting process of the grinding table according to the drawings provided by the customer, and carefully control each step:

Before casting, the drawings are precisely modified, and the casting process is simulated by computer simulation technology.

During casting, the size of the molding and the temperature of the molten steel are strictly controlled.

After casting, the grinding table is finished and polished, and the key parts are tested for flaw detection to ensure the overall quality.

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