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With the popularization of vertical roller mill technology, more and more power plants have begun to use energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vertical coal mills as pulverized coal production equipment. In the coal mill, the grinding roller is the main grinding medium and is in direct contact with the material. Therefore, it is also one of the most important wearing parts in the vertical coal mill.

vertical mill grinding roller

As a professional coal mill grinding roller manufacturer in China, CHAENG has made great achievements in the field of grinding roller processing. It has provided grinding roller processing services for world-renowned vertical mill manufacturers and has maintained the close cooperation for many years. Then, compared with other grinding roller manufacturer, what are the advantages of the coal mill grinding roller made by CHAENG?

Many cases of grinding roller

The grinding roller processed by CHAENG has high hardness, good crack resistance and strong wear resistance, and has been trusted and supported by users at home and abroad. Many powerful cases can illustrate the strength of CHAENG.

CHAENG grinding roller has good quality and long life

CHAENG uses the arc gouging to finish the grinding roller, which greatly improves its surface finish. In addition, the unique grinding roller design of CHAENG greatly reduce the wear rate of the grinding roller, the maintenance work and replacement works are greatly reduced, and the service life is longer.

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