Casting process of CHAENG rotary dryer girth gear

07 Sep 2019 UTC+8 Views:

As we all know, the girth gear is an important transmission component necessary for ball mill, rod mill, rotary kiln, rotary dryer and so on. As a professional casting girth gear manufacturer in China, CHAENG would like to talk about the girth gear manufacturing process.

girth gear

Strictly according to the process procedures to produce high-quality girth gear: wood mold - modelling - pouring - heat preservation - out of the pit, sand cleaning - heat treatment - roughing, finishing - packing and delivery. 

Before casting, CHAENG numerically simulates the casting process by means of CAE software to analyze the molding process, predict and optimize the product quality.

Base on the requirements of customers, CHAENG selects appropriate wooden mold for modeling design.

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