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CHAENG kiln support roller, custom-made, matching well with kiln

26 Nov 2018 UTC+8Views:

In order to ensure the good matching of the new parts to the original machine, the components of large equipment such as rotary kiln need to be customized according to the structural drawings. After receiving the enquiry of customers, CHAENG engineers fully analyze the drawings and communicate with the customers to understand the customer's needs, and then use the InteCast CAE software to simulate the casting process for process analysis, quality prediction and optimization of the product molding process.

The support roller device carries the weight of the entire rotating part of rotary kiln and plays an orientation role on the cylinder body, to make the rotating kiln cylinder body and the kiln tyre smoothly rotate, so the kiln support roller requires super endurance which is also an indicator to measure the quality of rotary kiln products. The kiln support roller produced by Great Wall Steel Casting (CHAENG) adopts high-quality materials ZG55 and ZG42CrMo with high tensile strength and good impact toughness, to greatly guarantee the quality and the advantages of large bearing load and good continuous running performance. 

In the casting of the support roller, CHAENG adopts normalizing and tempering processes. The surface hardness of the outer circumference of the support roller is higher than 200HB, the high temperature resistance is good, the friction resistance is small, and the quality of the rotary kiln support roller device is greatly ensured.

With many years of experience in manufacturing rotary kiln equipment, CHAENG has mature technology in the production of kiln support roller, which is more recognized by the major companies. CHAENG kiln support rollers are applied to the construction of many cement production lines at home and abroad, such as: 5,000 t/d cement rotary kiln of Henan Meng Electric Cement Plant.

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