High-quality cone crusher concave is an important guarantee for the life of the cone crusher

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Today's rapid development of the crusher industry has driven the development of crusher cast steel accessories. The concave is an important part of the cone crusher. The crushing is mainly carried out by the squeeze between the cone crusher concave and the crushing wall. Therefore, the quality of the concave directly affects the service life and working efficiency of the cone crusher.

con crusher concave

According to the working environment and stress characteristics of the concave, CHAENG reasonably selects the casting material and uses a unique casting and heat treatment process to avoid problems such as shrinkage, shrinkage and cracks in the production of the concave, to provide high-quality concave for customers.


The high-manganese steel material is selected, which has good resistance to high-frequency impact, friction, extrusion, and shear under strong loads.

The production process is advanced, and the surface of the concave is smooth, free of casting defects such as sticky sand, sand inclusion, air holes and shrinkage, and has a long service life.

Strictly control the sample testing of raw materials, product inspection, etc., and perform 360° non-destructive inspection on each rolling wall to ensure the quality of concave.

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