Casting tyre for rotary kiln

29 Nov 2019 UTC+8 Views:

Rotary kiln is the key equipment for clinker production in cement plants, and the rotary kiln tyre is also an important large-scale accessory for rotary kiln, which has a role that cannot be ignored for the normal operation of rotary kiln. In the selection of the belt, we must consider from many aspects such as raw materials and process technology.

CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) is a steel casting factory established in 2007 and has good and stable cooperation with many companies in the cement industry. The casting tyre for rotary kiln have high hardness, good crack resistance, and strong abrasion resistance.

rotary kiln tyre casting

The rotary kiln tyre produced by CHAENG are made of ZG45 and ZG42CrMO materials, which can ensure the strength and toughness of the tyre, so as to play a better supporting role.

The rotary kiln tyre of CHAENG has the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness value through the advanced two-medium quenching process, which makes the tyre have good wear resistance and can adapt to various harsh working environments.

At the same time, the finishing of the tyre adopts arc gouging and shot blasting to ensure the appearance quality; the non-destructive inspection of the bearing surface is performed before leaving the factory, the bearing capacity is strong, and the operation is safe and stable.

steel casting tyre for rotary kiln