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Rolling mill stand is large-scale steel castings, also called rolling mill housing and rolling mill frame. It is an important part of hot rolling, cold rolling, continuous rolling mill and so on. Its working environment is harsh, and the requirements on quality and production process are strict. Adhering to the concept of “focusing on details and exceeding expectations”, the rolling mill stand produced by CHAENG continues to be favored by customers with its unique advantages.

rolling mill stand

steel rolling mill stand

Advantage 1: Reliable quality

CHAENG strives for excellence in the casting process of rolling mill stand. It strictly controls every part of production, such as material selection, molding, casting and machining. It produces each rolling mill with high-quality and high-standard, also implements 360° non-destructive testing system to ensure the quality.

Advantage 2: Short production cycle

Focusing on the production of large-scale steel castings for more than ten years, CHAENG has professional casting equipment, strong technical team and perfect logistics system, which can shorten the production cycle of rolling mill stand.

Advantage 3: Cost-effective

CHAENG is a large-scale steel casting manufacturer. The rolling mill stand is not only of high quality, but also sent directly to customers without intermediate sales channels, avoiding the high price caused by layered price.

CHAENG can not only optimize the rolling mill stand casting technology according to the individual needs of customers, but also provide customers with rolling mill stand from rough manufacturing to finished products.

rolling mill stand manufacturer

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