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Since its establishment, CHAENG has focused on the custom processing of large steel castings. The slag pot is the star product of CHAENG. Over the years, CHANEG has cooperated with many internationally renowned steel companies to provide high quality slag pots. CHAENG's quality products and services have attracted many customers from all over the world to visit.

Production facilities of CHAENG: 

CHAENG has strong production capability. It has advanced processing equipment from Russia and Germany, and possesses main workshops covering 25,000m2, possessing the ability to manufacture steel castings with maximum single weight of 150 tons.

CHAENG also provide finish machining for steel castings. It has φ8m heavy double-column vertical lathe, φ6.3m vertical lathe and φ8m gear hobbing machine imported from Russian, Czech T6920 landing boring-milling machine and domestic TX220 floor type boring-milling machine, 6625Y (2.5m × 8.0m) gantry milling machine imported from Russia, domestic 120 × 3000 heavy CNC Universal Machine, and other processing equipment. 

slag pot manufacturer CHAENG

CHAENG slag pot

Manufacturing process of CHAENG slag pot: 

slag pot process

CHAENG's achievement on slag pot production: 

On July 18, 2008, the Great Wall Steel Casting (CHAENG) signed the first contract of slag pots, under the situation of financial crisis and shrinking market. On the December 12 of the same year, we again signed 13 pcs of slag pots with South Korea's POSCO. since 2008 we have signed more than 50 types of slag pots, which are exported to countries and areas around the world: the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Korea, Chile, Mexico, etc. We have accumulated rich experience and slag pot manufacturing technology of the  slag pots for the black metal, non-ferrous metal, the lead smelting, and so on. 


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