The key to reduce energy consumption for cement ball mill

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The electric consumption is the important standard to judge the grinding system. Now the grinding technology are trending to the NO Balls ( vertical roller mills or roller press grinding) and larger size equipment. With the developing of cement technology, the trends of cement production total electricity consumption are as following: Over 100 kWh/t with ball mill; Around 90 kWh/t with partly materials bed grinding; Below 80 kWh/t with rollers grinding.

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How to reduce the system electricity consumption of ball mill?

1. Reduce the system electricity consumption by the controlling of materials sizes, moisture, grand-ability etc.

2. By adjusting the air quantity of ball mill

3. By scheduled maintenance and inspection of the ball mill

4. By controlling the best fineness and cement quality to reduce the electricity consumption.

Therefore the slags are taken the “ individual grinding”, the slags after grinding, with highly fineness will then mixed with the clinkers. Compared with the total mixed grinding, the capacity of the mill will obviously improving. By this way, it can not only improve the mill effective and cement activity, but also avoid the over grinding, reduce the grinding electricity consumption and production cost. 

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