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45m³ slag pots exported to West Asia

26 Jul 2019 UTC+8Views:

Item: Slag pots

Qty: 2

Capacity: 45 cubic meters

Exported to: West Asia 

Time: July, 2019 

Two 45m³ slag pots departed from the factory of CHAENG to Shanghai port, and then were shipped to West Asia, which once again confirmed the strength of CHAENG in the international market. 

slag pot manufacturer

slag pot manufacturer China

Up to now, CHAENG has more than 1,000 pieces of excellent cases of slag pots, which are exported to more than 60 countries and regions. CHAENG will keep providing high quality products and perfect service, to feedback customers. 

Quality advantages of CHAENG:

1. Adopt advanced casting technology, national level-2 flaw detection standard, 360 degree non-destructive flaw detection system; meet the national standard, American standard, European standard, British standard, Japanese standard and other national testing standards.

2. Professional steel casting engineering research center with high-end equipment, deeply optimizes the material and structure of slag pots, so that the life of slag pot increases by 20%. 

3. Complete heat process to ensure the quality of the slag pot.