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Nine slag pots to Germany, Europe, South Africa

05 Jul 2019 UTC+8Views:

Item: Slag pots

Qty: 9 piece

Exported to: Germany, Europe, South Africa

Year: 2019

At the beginning of this hot July, good news was heard. Nine pieces of slag pots were sent abroad on July 1st to 4th in succession! 

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Among them, two slag pots were sent to Germany by Shanghai Port, five o Europe from Tianjin Port, and two red slag pots to Mittal South Africa. The continuous development of international markets highlights the strength of the CHAENG.

For a long time, CHAENG has continuously optimized the material and structure of slag pots. With advanced casting technology, professional research team and high-precision production equipment, it fully guarantees the high-end quality of slag pots. Therefore, the slag pots produced by CHAENG are high temperature resistant, not easy to break, using one-piece casting, strong deformation resistant, and greatly long-life serviced. At present, more than 300 pieces of slag pots of CHAENG have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, and Russia. CHAENG has been recognized by the market and recognized by customers, and has established good cooperative relations with internationally renowned steel companies such as Tata and Mittal.