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What materials does CHAENG choose for large girth gear?

13 Dec 2018 UTC+8Views:

In the "mill-kiln-mill" cement production line, the three core equipment all need large girth gears, so the quality of the girth gear are directly related to the normal operation of the entire production line. The quality of the girth gear is mainly related to the selection of materials and heat treatment process. Here to introduce how CHAENG to select the girth gear material for high quality girth gear.

mill girth gear

According to the many years’ experience of CHAENG in steel castings production, the girth gear requires high hardness and wear resistance of the tooth surface, and sufficient toughness on the tooth core. The girth gear with complex shape and large diameter usually adopts the carbon steel and alloy steel to ensure quality, such as ZG35Mn, ZG35CrMo, ZG42CrMo. 

The following are the composition of ZG35Mn, ZG35CrMo, ZG42CrMo:

CHAENG girth gear material

The following is a comparison of mechanical properties of ZG35Mn, ZG35CrMo, ZG42CrMo:

CHAENG girth gear material

Comprehensively, ZG35Mn has the best repair welding performance, ZG35CrMo has the best corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and ZG42CrMo is best in hardness and wear resistance.

According to the operating environment and characteristics of rotary kiln and tube mill, the girth gear be prone to deformation and break. Therefore, CHAENG chooses the ZG42CrMo with the best comprehensive performances. And CHAENG also owns advanced heat treatment process to carry out "normalizing + tempering" treatment, the girth gear produced by CHAENG has outstanding wear resistance and impact resistance, which greatly extends the service life of the girth gear, and has been highly praised by domestic and foreign customers. 

CHAENG is able to produced high quality steel casting girth gear according the users’ drawings to meet users’ requirements on materials and performance. 

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