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Analysis of processing technology of CHAENG back-up roll bearing chock

12 Dec 2018 UTC+8Views:

The back-up roll bearing chock is the core component of the rolling mill, requiring high precision and complicated process. In order to ensure the performance and quality, the technology department of CHAENG carries out a detailed analysis of the processing technology of the bearing chock.  

bearing chock

How the rolling mill back-up roll bearing chock is made?

1. Determine the technological route

After many discussions and computer simulation, the technology department of CHAENG has continuously optimized the process of back-up roll bearing chock, and determine the appropriate process route after many experiments to ensure the internal performance and appearance quality of the bearing chock.

2. Measures to improve processing accuracy

It is well known that the thermal stress will be generated during the cutting process of castings, which has a great influence on the machining accuracy of the parts. The parts with thermal stress are in an unstable state, and there is a tendency to deform at any time until the stress disappears. In response to this situation, CHAENG has taken certain measures.

CHAENG mainly relies on the semi-finishing process to reduce the finishing allowance, reduce the heat generated by the finishing, and reduce the deformation, thereby ensuring the processing precision of the back-up roll bearing chock.

3. Final calibration test

After the finishing process, it is also required to pass the boring-milling machine for inspection, to ensure the accuracy of the bearing chock is within the range required by the customer.

By now, CHAENG has produced various shapes of steel castings for customers. It is also known that only good processes and equipment can produce high-quality large steel casting products. Therefore, CHAENG continuously introduces advanced casting technology and casting equipment, and strives to produce high-quality large-scale steel casting products for customers to meet the individual needs of customers.

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