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Come to CHAENG for cast steel slag pots!

23 Feb 2021 UTC+8Views:

The slag pot is an indispensable accessory in the steelmaking production of metallurgical enterprises and is a container used to contain the high-temperature molten slag generated in the steel smelting process.

CHAENG has a casting technical team with rich casting experience, using CAE software to simulate the pouring system to optimize the process flow, and so that the quality of the slag pot can be controlled better. CHAENG also has a complete range of casting inspection equipment, carries out comprehensive flaw detection, and follows the international second-class UT and MT flaw detection standards to ensure the quality of the slag pot.

CHAENG tailors steel castings such as slag pots, slag ladles, ingot molds, etc., to help customers reduce costs and improve the service life of slag pots.

CHAENG slag pot

cast steel slag pot

steel casting slag pot

Outstanding advantages of CHAENG cast steel slag pots:

1. Before casting, use software CAE to digitally simulate the casting process to complete the process optimization of the slag pot.

2. Complete processing capacity to meet the needs of various specifications of slag pot. 

3. Professional phosphorus and sulfur control technology to ensure that phosphorus and sulfur meet the standards.

4. The material of the slag pot is mature, high-temperature mechanical performance, good thermal crack resistance, a stable casting process, and the frequency of use has been greatly improved. The initial maintenance time is delayed by 2-3 months compared with the counterparts, and the service life is longer.

5. Use flaw detection equipment to conduct non-destructive flaw detection on each slag pot to ensure the quality of the slag pot, and the flaw detection level can reach the second-level standard.

6. It has a strong casting blasting ability to ensure the appearance quality of castings and strengthen paint adhesion.