Key factors for casting girth gears

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In the processing of girth gears, the advanced blank forming process, stable and precise heat treatment procedures, and suitable surface hardening treatment procedures are the key factors for the final formation of finished girth gears.

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For example, there are several key links in the grinding process:

By selecting the grinding wheel with sharp grinding edge and small surface stress, the grinding feed can be increased, the grinding time can be shortened, the grinding efficiency can be improved, and the grinding wheel dressing interval can be extended to reduce the cost.

Through the use of appropriate grinding wheel parameters, on the premise of ensuring no grinding burn cracks and ensuring quality, use as high a grinding parameter as possible to shorten the grinding time, improve grinding efficiency, increase production, and ensure accuracy for surface roughness reduce.

By using appropriate grinding oil, under the premise of good lubrication and rust prevention, it can help to reduce the surface stress of the grinding tooth surface, avoid burn cracks, reduce roughness, reduce the degree of plugging of the grinding wheel pores, and ensure the sharpness of the grinding wheel to reduce the dressing of grinding wheels and reduce the consumption amount of grinding wheels.

Design is the key step and the initial step in casting. It is related to the quality of the girth gear. In the design stage, it is indispensable to choose appropriate material and carry out advanced and reasonable structural design.

In short, in the process of producing large girth gears, we must pay attention to various problems in the design and manufacturing process, so as to ensure the quality.

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