Concerned with society, CHAENG contributes to fighting the epidemic

12 Feb 2020 UTC+8 Views:

Hao Guitang, Deputy general manager of CHAENG, and leaders of the company were entrusted by the chairman of the board of directors to donate food, cotton clothes, alcohol, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention and control materials to the poverty alleviation village Tiejiang Village in Huixian city.

chaeng CHAENG

chaeng CHAENG 

Previously, in order to help Huixian City win the new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control fight, our chairman Wang Jizhong led a group of members of the group to donate 500,000 yuan for the new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control.


CHAENG always regards social responsibility as an important mission and is enthusiastic about public welfare. At this crucial moment of overcoming the difficult times in the country, We do our best to contribute to this battle against the epidemic! We firmly believe that the winter will pass and the spring flowers will bloom!