Preventing and controlling the Novel Coronavirus, CHAENG has been taking action

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Preventing and controlling the Novel Coronavirus, CHAENG has been taking action | CHAENG Novel Coronavirus prevention and control manual

Epidemic is the order, prevention and control it is our responsibility. In the face of the coming business resumption of work, how to prevent and control the Novel Coronavirus better is the critical priority. But now, on the eve of starting t work, in order to prevent and control the Novel Coronavirus better, CHAENG firmly carried out the Novel Coronavirus prevention and control policy of the Party and Government, positively took social responsibility, deployed work of prevention and control Novel Coronavirus, completed the mechanism and measures. At the same time we also ensured the implementation of decisions by strong executive force, make sure our employees safe and healthy, which can help to win the battle of preventing and controlling the Novel Coronavirus.

01. Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus, we are deploying completely

1. Setting up the special team for epidemic prevention and control. We should make the prevention and control plans seriously, co-ordinate epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure all the goods and materials and measures to be put in place.

2. Investigating our staff’s health condition by the online questionnaire survey. We should require direct or indirect contacts to report to the company and stay at home in voluntary isolation actively. Also we should set up the key monitoring personnel file, track their temperature and physical condition, to make sure safety form the source.

3. Promoting epidemic prevention knowledge to the staff. We should have a right cognition to the Novel Coronavirus, neither despise nor fear it; we should also take action in place and protect ourselves in every step.

4. Safeguarding the protective supplies. We should make sure all the protective supplies are out in place, such as: thermodetector, surgical mask, disinfectant, ethyl alcohol, sprayer and so on.

5. Disposing the discarded masks. We should put special trashes in every area to collect the masks intensely, and then disinfect and destroy these masks.

6. Disinfecting the public area. We should regularly disinfect the factory, workshop, office area, restaurant toilet and so on.
Notice: the ethyl alcohol is inflammable, when we use it we should be far away form the fire. When spraying the alcohol in the enclosure space, there must be no fire within 10 minute, also there must be no electric heater and no person smoking.

02. For starting work, comprehensive measures will be implemented

Top priority: Wear masks and wash your hands frequently!!!

Prevention and control materials: masks, disinfectants, medical alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sprayers, thermometer and other anti epidemic materials have been put in place.

CHAENG Epidemic prevention and control propaganda

Epidemic prevention and control propaganda

Prevention and control measures:

Gatekeeper: Set up registration points and warning signs; gatekeeper and office staff are on duty 24 hours a day; equipped with thermometer, masks, disinfectant, medical alcohol, and waste mask garbage bin.

Requirements: The door guard room is disinfected every 2 hours; all personnel must take temperature measurement, registration, and alcohol disinfection before entering the company; all vehicles do not enter the company in principle, but if necessary the vehicles must be disinfected.

Prevention and control measures - chaeng Coronavirus Prevention and control measures CHAENG

Plant area: The disinfectant sprayer disinfects the plant area once a day.

Workshop and office area: Disinfectant and medical alcohol are used to disinfect indoor and outdoor floors, walls and windows twice a day. Desktop, office equipment, machine operating area, door handles, curtains, etc. can be disinfected with medical alcohol.

Restaurant: disinfect the operating area, dining area, dishwashing area, kitchen waste area, restaurant curtains and other areas multiple times a day; implement the principle of eating in batches and at separate tables, and do not talk to each other during meals.

Toilet area: perform disinfection every 2 hours, and provide alcohol or disinfectant hand sanitizer on the washstand.

chaeng Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus CHAENG Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus

Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus CHAENG Fighting against the Novel Coronavirus, chaeng

Vehicle fleet: Drivers and passengers must wear masks to get on the vehicle; disinfect the inside and outside of the vehicle before and after every departure.

Other closed areas: Disinfection and ventilation according to the frequency of use.

03. It’s nearly time for returning workplace, please keep the following points in mind:

Wear masks: daily medical surgical masks are enough, N95 masks are reserved for medical staff.

Keep a distance: The virus spreads through flying maggots, it’s better to keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others.

Wash your hands frequently: keep your hands hygienic and do not touch your face or eyes with your hands.

When sneezing: Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, cuffs or elbows, then wash your hands in time.

Always check your physical condition: within 14 days of leaving home, you should immediately seek medical treatment in a timely manner if in case of any physical abnormality.

Avoid taking public transportation: If you take the public transportation, please bring disinfectant wipes with you to wipe the position that you need to touch, such as armrests, seats, etc.

In the face of the epidemic, we need to strengthen our confidence, control the epidemic scientifically, and implement policies accurately. Make all preparations before returning to work and seriously implement prevention and control measures, to effectively ensure the health of all employees.

We are determined to win the fight against epidemic!