Suggestions of Energy saving for VRM grinding roller manufacturer

07 Nov 2019 UTC+8 Views:

With the continuous advancement of energy conservation and emission reduction in China, the foundry industry is the first to bear the brunt of high energy consumption and high pollution.

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As a well-known steel casting manufacturer in China, CHAENG can provide customers with large-scale customized steel castings, such as the ball mill trunnion, girth gear, vertical mill grinding roller, etc. In response to the energy-saving and emission reduction of steel casting industry, CHAENG gave the following five rationalization proposals:

First, improving the quality of castings and reducing scrap rate is the most effective for energy saving.

Second, vigorously renovate outdated equipment, promote the use of energy-saving emission reduction equipment, and use complete furnace gas recycling and other technologies to achieve energy-saving emission reduction.

Third, improve the technical level of the casting process of, strengthen management, improve metal utilization, and promote computer simulation software technology.

Fourth, strengthen the adjustment of industrial organization structure. It is estimated that by 2020, China's foundry manufacturers will be reduced from the current 30,000 to 10,000 or even less, focusing on supporting the development of advanced enterprises that have done well in independent innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and cleaner production.

Fifth, establish new industry standards for energy consumption and waste discharge in the foundry industry. 


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