Again! 4 slag pots sent to sent to South Africa

30 Oct 2019 UTC+8 Views:

Recently, 4 pieces of slag pots ordered by South African customers have been finished and successfully delivered! 

slag pot producer

This is the second time that the customer ordered the slag pots in our factory. Why is the slag pot produced by CHAENG trusted by the customers?

1. CHAENG will adopt advanced casting technology, and carry out all-round non-destructive flaw detection system to meet the level 2 flaw detection standard. 

2. Own a professional technical team, and the steel castings research center equipped with high-end large-scale equipment to optimize the slag pot.

3. Adopt international advanced thermal processing production technology to ensure the quality of slag pots. 

So far, CHAENG has successfully shipped more than one thousand slag pots to many countries and regions. Each product is made under common efforts of the technical team and the manufacturing department. The customer's trust in us is even more recognition of us!

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