Introduction to the processing technology of CHAENG ball mill girth gear

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The girth gear is the main component of the ball mill, which drives the ball mill cylinder for a long time. In the actual production, the requirements of the ball mill girth gear are very strict, then the girth gear processing technology is very important. Next, Let’s take a view at the processing technology of CHAENG ball mill girth gear. 

Girth gear machining can use a variety of process technologies, from grinding to hobbing, but because hobbing generally has higher efficiency, CHAENG girth gears are mostly hobbed.

girth gear

The machining process of CHAENG ball mill girth gear is firstly the machining of the tooth blank, which is mainly to prepare the foundation for the tooth shaping, so that the precision of the inner hole and the end face of the girth gear can basically meet the specified technical requirements. The second step is the processing of the tooth shape to achieve the specified hardness requirements. Then it is the finishing of the tooth shape, mainly to make the positioning accurate and reliable, and the balance distribution is uniform, in order to achieve the purpose of finishing. Finally, the heat treatment of the girth gears is carried out, so that the structure is optimized, the hardness is improved, and the wear resistance and impact resistance are greatly enhanced.

casting girth gear

CHAENG has strong production capacity of steel castings, which can be used for mass production of ball mill girth gears and other components and ensure short casting cycle. Feel free to contact us for details!

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