CHAENG foundry slag ladle types for blast furnace

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Slag ladle is also called slag pot, casting ladle, or slag bucket. It is important container holding high temperature liquid steel slag in the process of steel making, the main structure contain parts of tank, lug, supporting foot, tilting arm etc. 

With richly experience and mature process technology, CHAENG has the capability to offer slag ladle in nearly every shape and style for a variety of mounting systems and transport methods, according to customers’ drawings,  utilized in BOFs, AODs, Electric Arc and Blast Furnaces, and so on, suited for a number of processes, such as lead, aluminium, iron, steel, chrome, manganese, copper and other smelting applications. 

casting slag pot

CHAENG is equipped with two sets of 60-ton basic electric arc furnaces, can supply slag ladles with piece weight range from 1 ton to 150 tons, with steel materials of ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640 and so on.

Cases of CHAENG slag ladles:

slag ladle

Characteristics of CHAENG slag ladles:

1. Longer service life, 6000 usage times

The slag ladles in the market can be used 450-600 times generally, while CHAENG slag ladles can ensure 6000 times of usage frequency; and the first maintenance time is 2-3 months later than peers. The long service life of CHAENG slag pot greatly reduce the maintenance cost of users.

2. Advanced Level-2 Flaw Detection Standard

CHAENG uses advanced detection equipment to perform nondestructive testing on each slag ladle, to ensure the internal quality of ladle. The key parts can reach level-2 testing standards of GB7233-2007, and CHAENG can customize the process according to the customer's specific testing standards.

3. Exported to 50 countries and areas

CHAENG customizes slag ladles according to customer drawings, obtaining market reputation with high-precision technology. CHAENG slag pots have been successfully exported to the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, Russia, more than 50 countries and regions. 

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