More than ten pieces of CHAENG slag pots exported to the US

02 May 2018 UTC+8 Views:

CHAENG continued its efforts in overseas markets and successfully entered into slag pots order contracts with two US customers, signing more than ten pieces of slag pots totally. Recently, CHAENG has successfully passed the inspection and acceptance and sent the slag pots to Shanghai Port and Tianjin Port for export to the United States. 

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slag pot to US

The slag pot is the star product of CHAENG, and more than 95% are exported overseas. Since the signing of the first slag pot ordering contract in July 2008, CHAENG has manufactured 50 types and 300 pieces of finished slag pots which were sold to the world. The ability to achieve such a good export performance stems from the unique process advantages of CHAENG slag pots:

1. 6,000 times of use, long service life

CHAENG makes continuous innovation in the production of slag pots and adopts advanced casting process and software system. CHAENG slag pot can ensure 6000 times of usage frequency and the first maintenance time is 2-3 months later than peers.

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2. Received a number of system certifications

CHAENG is a member of the China Foundry Association and the Henan Foundry Association. It is the first batch of announcement companies in Henan Province that meets the “Entry Conditions of the Foundry Industry”. In 2009, CHAENG was the first company to pass the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification in the same industry and in 2016, it successfully passed the environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and safety production standardization certification.

3. Professional casting equipment, perfect testing system

CHAENG specializes in providing various types of slag pot for many years, with complete casting and machining equipment. CHAENG uses advanced testing equipment for non-destructive testing of each slag pot, and the key parts of pot can meet the level 2 inspection standard of GB/T 7233.1-2009. And a separate design process can also be based on the customer's specific inspection standards.

4. Effective cost, rich cases

As a well-known large-scale steel casting manufacturer in China, the slag pots produced by CHAENG have a short delivery time and are sent directly to customers without intermediate sales channels, avoiding the high prices caused by layered price increases; The world-famous companies such as Mittal Group and India's Tata Steel Group have established a good cooperative relationship with CHAENG.

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