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CHAEG is long-term slag pot supplier of Mittal

23 Oct 2017 UTC+8Views:

Product name: Slag pot

Material: ZG230-450

Unit weight: 1-150T

Purchaser: Mittal Group

Applications: Metallurgical industry

In 2008, Mittal group tried to find a partner with stable product quality, exquisite technology and high reputation in China, CHAENG relied on its sophisticated technology, excellent quality, fast progress to pass the inspection of Mittal headquarters.

Current situation:

Mittal group orders slag pots from CHAENG every year, and new cooperation is still going on! The quality of CHAENG slag pot also formed a word of mouth in the customers: the first maintenance time of CHAENG slag pot is 2-3 months later than other counterparts, which improves the service life and reduces the cost of use.

CHAENG Slag pots for Mittal

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Slag pots for Mittal


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