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How to choose a rotary kiln girth gear casting factory

17 Sep 2022 UTC+8Views:

girth gear manufacture, steel casting factory CHAENG

Xinxiang Great Wall Casting (CHAENG) is a rotary kiln girth gear casting factory. It adopts the water glass sand molding process. The manufacturer will apply a special coating on the surface of the core to prevent the core from cracking and ensure the surface quality of the product.

The rotary kiln girth gear casting factory CHAENG uses an electric arc furnace for liquid smelting. Therefore, the liquid composition of molten steel should be uniform, and the principle of low temperature and fast pouring should be followed when pouring so that the internal and external quality of the large ring gear can meet the requirements of customers.

choose a rotary kiln girth gear casting factory

When smelting steel, CHAENG will take samples before the furnace, after the furnace, and in the as-cast state, and use professional equipment for inspection and analysis to ensure that the composition of the liquid is fully qualified.

After the steel castings are formed, CHAENG uses different heat treatments to improve the performance and prolong the service life of the rotary kiln girth gears. We must know that if the quality of castings is to be good, the quality of raw materials needs to be strictly controlled. When the quality of raw materials and auxiliary materials is well controlled, the quality of castings that can be produced will reduce many problems.

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