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How to estimate the price of a steel casting

05 Sep 2022 UTC+8Views:

As a large-scale steel casting manufacturer with many years of experience, CHAENG receives many customer inquiries every day. Many customers always hope to have a quick quotation when consulting, so what are the factors that affect the price of castings?

steel casting factory CHAENG

Steel casting factory CHAENG

In addition to the amount of metal required, the factors that affect the price fluctuation of castings include many other factors such as total cost and process, including design complexity, casting surface finish, dimensional tolerance and precision, quality level and product quantity. Moreover, what kind of metal raw materials are used is also a key factor affecting the price of castings.

Once the type of raw metal used, as well as the casting process, can be determined, we can get a rough estimate of the cost of the material and can estimate the cost of labor, installation, tooling, energy, and finishing.

However, investment casting cost estimates for each project are specific and unique, so once you've gathered all the information you can and outlined the project's factors, be sure to seek input from a team of casting experts. Working with a reputable foundry from the start will help ensure that your estimates are reliable, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of lead times.

steel casting manufacturer CHAENG

Steel casting manufacturer CHAENG

If you choose a foundry based solely on price, the quality of subsequent products may not be satisfactory and cannot meet more needs for use. If you want better quality assurance, CHAENG is a professional foundry, which can provide you with professional knowledge in castings for large-scale machinery and equipment to protect your interests.

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