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Metallurgical slag pot - the star product of CHAENG

26 Feb 2019 UTC+8Views:

The metallurgical slag pot is a special device for receiving slag from a furnace during steel making or iron making. Due to the high temperature, the material and structural requirements of the slag pot are also very strict.

The metallurgical slag pots are the star product of CHAENG. Since 2008, CHAENG has provided about 50 types of slag pots for domestic and foreign customers.

slag pot cases

In the rich processing experience, CHAENG has formed a mature slag pot manufacturing process:

The first step: simulation, modeling

Before casting, numerically simulate the casting process by CAE software to analyze the molding process, predict and optimize the product quality.

The second step: pouring, heat treatment

Perform the spectral analysis on the sample of hot metal. After qualified, start pouring according to the principle of "low temperature and quick casting", and the pouring time and temperature shall be recorded.

The third step: finishing, flaw detection

CHAENG uses advanced detection equipment for non-destructive testing to ensure the internal quality of slag pot. CHAENG steel castings can meet level-two flaw detection standards.

slag pot process

Advantages of CHAENG metallurgical slag pots:

1. Select proper materials and optimize the casting processes of slag pot, according to customers’ actual operation conditions and actual demands.

2. Digital simulation for casting process through CAE software, to optimize the slag pot casting process.

3. Excellent high-temperature mechanical properties, good thermal cracking resistance.

4. Level 2 of flaw detection - Ultrasonic and magnetic particle flaw detection level can reach the second level of national standards.

5. Smooth inner wall of slag pot, to avoid adhering slag during operation.


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