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Why buy slag pots from CHAENG?

28 Jan 2019 UTC+8Views:

The slag pot is an important container for holding slag liquid in the blast furnace workshop, converter workshop and refining workshop. For many years, CHAENG has provided more than 50 kinds of slag pots for domestic and foreign customers.

So why do so many customers choose CHAENG slag pots?

1. Strict quality inspection

CHAENG has a complete slag pot inspection system, which strictly tests the whole slag pot, especially the ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle testing of the bottom and trunnion of the slag pot to ensure no cracks, shrinkage holes, porosity, gas holes, sand holes, slag inclusions and other casting defects that affect quality. 

2. Mature process

CHAENG has many years of slag pot processing experience, and can develop the most suitable processing technology according to the user's drawings and needs.

CAHENG uses InteCast software to simulate and optimize the casting process to improve casting quality.

CHAENG adopts advanced heat treatment process to significantly improve the plasticity and toughness of the slag pot.

slag pot process

3. Rich cases

CAHENG slag pots are exported to Belgium, Brazil, the United States, Finland, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, India, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, Italy, Brazil, France, Austria and other countries.

And CHAENG has Long-term cooperation with international large steel companies such as Mittal, TATA, VAI, and Baosteel. These rich cases are a strong proof of the superior quality of CHAENG slag pot.

German customers for slag pot Finland customer for CHANG slag pot

TATA India VAI customers

Since 2008, the Mittal Group has placed orders for slag pots from CHAENG every year, and the order quantity has exceeded 100 pieces per year for several years. At present, CAHENG has become a long-term strategic partner of Mittal Steel Group.

slag pot export

slag pot maker

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