CHAENG supplied cast steel nodes for large sports center and stadium

23 Oct 2017 UTC+8 Views:

Product name: Cast steel nodes
Material: ZG16
Unit weight: 5-120T
Project: Huai’an Stadium
Order time: 2013

cast steel node

1.In 2013,Fuzhou Olympic Sports Center order 80 tons Large Steel-Joining Nodes. Large cast steel nodes of CHAENG have been applied in many large domestic airports, stadiums and other projects, especially the large Asian sports center - Fuzhou Olympic sports center’s choice of CHAENG firmly proves its good quality and high reputation.

2. in 2013, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center orders 55 tons steel-joining nodes from CHAENG. Design period of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is 100 years, belonging to the premium and large sports construction project. Awning with steel structure is lotus petal shape. There are many bars converging on the node between petals, the structure and force condition of which is complex. 

3. in 2011, Huai’an Stadium orders 4 tons arch springing steel nodes from CHAENG. Sculpt of Huai’an Stadium is novel, attractive and majestic, which is one of the few domestic large-span cable structure stadium. Because of novel structure, arch springing steel node of which adopts widely used cast-steel node at present, which has the high requirement for casting technology.