The jaw plate is the main component of the jaw crusher. There are movable jaw plates and static jaw plates. According to the different types of jaw crushers, there are multiple models and sizes of jaw plates, and they are generally made of high manganese steel. CHAENG can supply cast steel jaw plate, which match well with your crusher, according to your demands and drawings.

Weight>1 ton
MaterialManganese Steel
ApplicationMining, cement, chemical and other industries
CustomizableYes, based on user's drawings
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Processing advantages

1. Stable performance, long service life

CHAENG crusher jaw plate is made up of high-strength high-quality steel, and processed by unique heat treatment technology, which optimizes the structure and the hardness of jaw, so that the performance of crusher jaw is enhanced greatly to ensure the stability of jaw plate under long operating time, and guarantee its long service life.

2. Advanced level-2 flaw detection

CHAENG has advanced level-2 flaw detection equipment which can accurately detect and control the internal quality of the crusher jaw plate, to prevent the defective goods from leaving the factory.

3. Strong casting ability, short production period

CHAENG has a strong steel casting production ability. It can manufacture large quantities of crusher jaw within short casting cycle, according to the specific requirements of casting process and technology.


wood mold - modelling - pouring - out of the pit - sand cleaning - heat treatment - finishing - roughing machining - finish machining - packing - delivery.

CHAENG takes advantage of the present science and technology, and combines the practical experience to increase the wear resistance of the crusher jaw during design, so as to improve the working performance of the crusher.

crusher jaw plate making process



crusher jaw crusher jaw plate

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